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Getting the Most Out of Your Project Resources

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A fundamental part of a project is the efficient and effective management of resources. Often managers see adding more resources as a quick solution to an issue, but managing existing resources more efficiently frequently yields a better outcome.

Ian Collins of writes, “There’s a school of thought that when you are faced with ‘Project Everest’, you can climb it faster if you put more people to work on it. Of course, the Everest metaphor is a perfect example of why this approach is flawed. Although tempting, adding more people to a project in crisis is not necessarily going to help you get it back on track. Good resource management is about more than juggling your staff numbers. It is about understanding who your resources are and how to use them intelligently. It is appreciating that in many circumstances, quality is better for a project than quantity.”

You can read the full article here: Getting the Most Out of Your Project Resources

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