We help business leaders realise exponential business value with innovative strategy execution.

We help business leaders with innovative and Best Practical ™ ways to execute company strategies, and we do this through 2 specialised Colab practices, namely Colab Strategy Execution and Colab Talent Placements.


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We specialize in assisting business leaders to increase their execution capacity, boost their profits, and free up their time to focus on innovation, all without major capital investments. Our expertise allows business leaders to reach their goals faster by executing with intent. 

We enable business leaders to Focus on driving strategic results without employing permanent resources and ensure that projects that offer the most value are prioritised and set up to succeed, following Lean, Agile and Waterfall principles.

Colab also provides a home for high-performing talent where they can express their talent in serving customers and be part of a caring community.

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Our Approach

In both our Strategy Execution and Talent Placements practices, we follow our signature Best Practical™ approach, originating from the need to leverage best practices and tailor them to fit the purpose in your business environment. It’s easy to do business with Colab, because our approach is characterised by simplicity and light governance, while we skilfully facilitate the best solution for our client’s needs.

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Colab provides a home for high-performing contract resources where they can express their talent in serving customers and be part of a caring community.


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We are expert business professionals, who understand that business leaders focus on driving strategic results and need high-performing resources without the recruitment burden.


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