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4 Truths about Recruiting for Character and Chemistry

Recruiting for character and chemistry

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4 Truths about Recruiting for Character and Chemistry

Do the elements of character and chemistry ever feature when you recruit, or when you design a job profile?  Recruiting for character and chemistry, and not only for competency, adds a cutting-edge advantage to the clients of CoLAB Talent Placements. It ensures that our contract resources are the best fit for our clients’ environment.

Competency-based recruitment

When recruiting, the natural focus leans towards the required competencies the ideal candidate should have. Competency-based recruitment involves hiring a candidate that is the most qualified for the position and has a proven track record of achieving outstanding results in his/her field of interest.  And it’s not wrong to focus on knowledge, experience, abilities, aptitude and skills. Of course, it is important for a financial director to have the necessary qualifications and for a senior engineer to have the relevant training and experience!

However, it is important to ensure the candidate will not just fit – but will be the BEST fit – for the position and the company. Therefore, it is vital to also recruit for character and chemistry.

4 Truths about recruiting for character and chemistry

Truth 1: The truth about values

At a minimum, when recruiting for character and chemistry, the candidate must share the values of the organisation. They will easily align and fit in.

Truth 2: The truth about character

It’s not always what you do, but how you do it. A candidate with a strong character does good work in a good way.

Truth 3: Another truth about character

Training can fill skill and knowledge gaps. However, people with good character, will do whatever it takes and will put in the effort and time to close these gaps.

Truth 4: The truth about chemistry

Chemistry is about “gelling” with other team members and peers.  It is about how well the resources can work in a team.  Chemistry is more than character. Two people who both have great character traits might not get along. And this could be due to a lack of chemistry.

CoLAB Talent Placements recruit for competence, character and chemistry

Connect with CoLAB today. We specialize in matching your requirements for competence, character and chemistry, with high-performing contract resources:

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