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Why Colab Strategy Execution

We help Business leaders to execute strategy faster so they can realise exponential business value by using our Best-Practical™ innovation frameworks without boiling the ocean.

We help you understand your need and either provide the solution or leverage our trusted strategic partners to provide specialised skills that complement our approach.

Birthed from three concepts:

Collaborate – To partner with complementary parties, our talent and our customers.

Co-Labour – to work together as a team.

Co-Laboratory – to co-create and innovate for impact.




Our Values

Satisfied Customers

Heard, understood and served with excellence.


Authentic care for all relationships.


Take accountability for the result, not just the activity.


Open motives [vulnerability] builds trusted relationships.

Leadership and people

The leadership team and our people at Colab.

Barend Cronje

Chief Executive Officer
Barend has a proven ability to distil complex business challenges into “Best Practical” frameworks and then create movement in the team to execute on a roadmap.
He is a highly skilled neutral facilitator and helps business leaders talk through their thinking in a way that connects dots across various systems.
In addition to being a SA PMO of the year Judge & coach, Barend is also a qualified Chartered Accountant, Project Management Professional (PMI PMP®) and has completed the Scaling Up Master Class.

Nico van Rooyen

Executive Consultant
In addition to being a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and a Project Management Professional (PMP), Nico is also an astute and results driven business executive, specializing IT Programme and Project Management. Nico has more than 32 years’ experience providing bespoke business solutions.
He is goal-driven, dynamic, and passionate in his dealings with people and business, while being an excellent communicator with well-developed interpersonal skills, which enables his to form trusted relationships with everyone in his network.

Lolita Botha

Project Support Consultant
Lolita has excellent planning and time management skills. Working on different tasks simultaneously to ensure deadlines and goals are met, comes naturally to her.
Lolita has experience in various Project Support roles, while having an excellent grasp of technical concepts, IT Enterprise Systems and software applications.
Assertive and organized, she is able to develop standardized tools, methodologies and business processes in order to improve operational efficiency.

Trusted Strategic Partners​

CoKap Concepts

Trusted Strategic Partners​

CoKap Concepts

Our story in short

Colab was birthed on 1 March 2008
We have served the following customer profiles
  1. Large multi-national
  2. Mid-market
  3. Start-ups
  4. Non-profits
  5. Government
Industries we've served include:
  1. Mining & Resources
  2. Financial Services
  3. FMCG
  4. Healthcare
  5. Telecoms
  6. Logistics
We have delivered in excess of 600 successful projects
Our approach is called "Best Practical" - taking the best solutions and tailoring them to suit the client need.
Transformation is key for Colab as a 51% black owned, and 41% black female owned business

Ready to Realise Exponential Value Faster?

We are expert business professionals, who understand that business leaders focus on driving strategic results and need traction without boiling the ocean. Contact us to explore your journey.