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What is Change Management?

what is change management

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What is Change Management?

Change management as a discipline has evolved and matured over the past 25 years. Research tells us that for any change to be successful, we must prepare, equip, and support individuals moving through changes so that they successfully adopt the changes. Without adoption, changes will not be successful, and we will not deliver the desired outcomes.

Change Management is more than just a Communications Plan

Having a Communications Plan, where executive leaders or project managers communicate to the organization that there is change coming (more often than not on short notice), is simply not enough.  Undoubtedly, change management is much more than just communicating what is changing, such as a system implementation or an acquisition.

Change managers and practitioners must support people in the organization through their transitions from the current state to the future state, and understand what is needed to influence each person to embrace and adopt the change. In this way, organizations can significantly increase the chances of project success and their investments in changes paying off.

The need for a structured, flexible Change Management Methodology

Organizations adopt the discipline of change management in different ways, depending on their business needs. For example, an organization might have a technology implementation that can benefit from change management.  Alternatively, they decide to invest in change management as an organizational capability to support aggressive business growth. Indeed, change management can vary in scope and purpose, and one organization might define and implement it differently than another.

Importantly, companies should leverage a structured yet flexible approach to managing change in their organizations.

Whatever change management might look like, the end goal is to help individuals transition through change to help the organization be more successful.

In summary

For any change to be successful, we must prepare, equip, and support individuals moving through changes. Without adoption, changes will not be successful, and we will not deliver the desired outcomes.

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