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The One-Page Strategic Plan: OVERVIEW

The One-Page Strategic Plan

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The One-Page Strategic Plan: Overview

Entrepreneurs, business owners and executives often face the challenge of, the faster your company grows, the harder it is to keep everyone aligned.  The One-Page Strategic Plan is the perfect tool to get everyone in your organization on the same page.

What is the One-Page Strategic Plan (OPSP)?

The OPSP is exactly that – your company’s strategic plan on one page.  This powerful tool by Verne Harnish helps business leaders focus and edit down their vision to a single, action-oriented page.

An entrepreneur, Barrett Ersek, described the OPSP as a blueprint for what he needs to do to grow his business. And someone else said it’s an “automatic decision-making machine”.

In a nutshell, the One-Page Strategic Plan answers 7 basic questions about your vision: who, what, when, where, how, why, as well as should we, or shouldn’t we?  These 7 questions anchor the OPSP.

Why do I need the One-Page Strategic Plan?

If you’re struggling with challenges like

  • Employees that aren’t able to articulate the company’s strategy.
  • Teams that don’t seem to be on the same page as the leader and/or executive group.
  • Numerous documents or memos floating around, all attempting to describe the company’s vision, values, strategies, goals and priorities, and/or
  • Many of these documents are unclear or even contradictory to the company’s identity and the actual strategic plan.

Then you need the One-Page Strategic Plan!

The OPSP provides organizations with:

  • A framework that details your corporate vision.
  • A common language with which to express that vision.
  • A well-developed routine for keeping the vision current.

Benefits of using the One-Page Strategic Plan

  • The OPSP helps companies scale up and manage business performance.
  • The OPSP can, and should be used to drive engagement, alignment, and focus throughout the organization.
  • It is a tool that makes the organization a more cohesive operating entity.
  • It gives business leaders a way of tracking and driving business performance.
  • “We’ve had continuously improving profit and growth since we started”, said Nelson Jacobson, CEO of JSJ Corporation.
  • The OPSP brings better alignment, accountability, and execution.

CoLAB and the OPSP

At CoLAB, we’ve seen the immense value this tool has had on organisations and their growth, by creating alignment and focus among the leadership team and all employees.

Therefore, we incorporated the One-Page Strategic Plan into the CoLAB Profit Improvement Signature Solution, which we use to help business owners and executives to increase their profits.

We would like to facilitate the process of developing your company’s OPSP as part of your journey towards better profits.

Are you ready to grow your profits, to align your team and to have enough cash in the bank to fund the growth of your company or your next big idea? Then connect with CoLAB – we’d love to engage with you!  Click HERE to set up a 20-minute call with Barend Cronjé.

Our CEO, Barend Cronjé, talks more about the OPSP HERE.

To get access to our Profit Improvement Framework, click HERE.

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