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Optimize Business Processes

Optimize business processes

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Optimize business processes

Growing organizations have a common goal: they want to optimize business processes and operations.  The Process Accountability Chart is a #bestpractical tool to help business leaders reach this goal.

In fact, before you can optimize the performance of your business processes and operations, you need to understand how work moves through your business and which functions are impacted. In other words, you need to see an X-Ray of your business flow.

A true story 

A recent CoLAB client had implemented a new CRM system, supposedly to lighten everybody’s workload. However, it ended up creating more work and roles got confused. Does this story sound familiar to you?

Only four to nine core business processes

Understanding workflows is often over complicated when it is actually quite simple.

There are only about 4-9 core processes that drive your business. Example processes include among others: developing and launching a product; generating leads and closing sales; attracting, hiring, and onboarding new employees; and billing and collecting payments.  Yet, almost all these business processes cut across the various functions in the business (marketing, sales, finances, etc.).  Besides, it requires coordination of activities that gets more complicated as the organization scales up.

Common mistakes in defining business processes

In the work we as CoLAB do, we find a few common mistakes in defining business processes. These include

  • Trying to map too many business processes
  • Going into too much detail
  • Looking at work in silos instead of flow across the business
  • Not seeing how work moves between functions

How we helped our client to optimize their business processes

We helped our client by facilitating a #bestpractical Process Accountability Workshop with the leadership team. Subsequently they were able to see their core business flow on one page!

Above all, it helped them to:

  • See why their new system was not flowing well,
  • See wasted activities and improve flow through,
  • Define how to measure success per process, and
  • This is valuable input into clarifying employee roles.

CoLAB can help you

Watch this video to see Barend Cronjé chat about this topic.

As an expert facilitator and Master ScalingUp practitioner, CoLAB CEO – Barend Cronjé – helps business leaders to get a quick X-Ray of their business flows with CoLAB’s #bestpractical approach, using the ScalingUp methodology.

If you experience the same challenges with business processes in your organization, click HERE and find a slot in Barend’s diary for a quick chat.  You will love doing business with CoLAB!


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