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Increase Business Profits

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Increase business profits

Business leaders are under immense pressure to grow their companies, and above all, to increase the profitability of the business.

Improvements in key areas can increase profits

Every business can improve its profits. Sometimes, changing only one thing in an organisation can significantly increase profits, but for most SME type businesses (and large organisations) increasing profits means implementing several small improvements in key areas of the business using an agile approach.

Leaders’ frustrations

Even though business leaders understand the importance of growing their business performance to achieve their goals and be relevant in the future landscape, they deal with many frustrations and pains, which seem to numb their focus.  Among others:

  • The feeling of ‘flying blind’ and not knowing what is really going on in their business;
  • Members of the leadership team each focusing on their own department, therefore working in silos, and not taking accountability for decisions;
  • Not having the right capability (e.g. systems and processes) in place to sustain business growth; and
  • Frantically working IN the business and not ON the business (leading to a lack of time to think of new and innovative ideas).

As a niche management consultancy, CoLAB Profit Improvement is passionate and eager to facilitate your journey to grow your business profits.

Increase profits through a Management Accountability System


We understand that having visibility of the true state of the business is key for any business leader to make decisions. Therefore, we will assist you to implement a Management Accountability System (MAS) to give you the immediate visibility you need. This MAS contains scoreboards, dashboards, key goal measures and targets.  In addition, it uses a simple rhythm to engage teams and to communicate up and down the organisation, empowering people to perform.

Business Performance and Execution Capability

Along with implementing a Management Accountability System, CoLAB will facilitate the improvement of other areas of the organisation that have a major impact on business performance. These include people, strategy, execution and cash.  Improving business performance, and ultimately improving profits, is only possible with a strong execution capability.  Therefore it is important to have sound processes, technology, infrastructure, data and projects in place.

It is possible to increase profits

In conclusion, growing your business and improving profits is possible, even in a challenging landscape.

Connect with CoLAB today. We will guide you and your business on the road to profit improvement.

Written by Ingrid Pistorius

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