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Future HR: Tips to Create Human Energy

Tips to create human energy

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Future HR: Tips to create Human Energy

As a business leader, you will benefit from these tips to create Human Energy in your business. Move from the traditional HR to Human Energy Management by considering the pointers below.

“Energy comes, in part, from people having fun, experiencing purpose and meaning, feeling like winners in life and, above all, feeling free”. Quoting the writers of Future Business – The Game has Changed, Guy Krige, Lizette Bester, Pieter de Villiers and Chris Laubscher.

The Human Energy function (old HR) will have to utilize these elements in creative ways to build energy clusters in the organization. Therefore, to create sustainable people energy, business leaders need to engage and contract with their employees in a way that allows them to experience an acceptable degree of freedom at work.

Tips to create Human Energy in your organization

Create Human Energy by managing outcomes and not hours in the office

Business leaders should translate the overall business strategy into meaningful outcomes throughout the organization and all job types – from EXCO to the packer. Therefore, contracting people against the required outcomes should be non-negotiable. Furthermore, they ought to focus on measuring, managing and rewarding these outcomes and not hours contracted.

Create Human Energy by allowing people to choose their own benefits

Employees experience freedom when they can make their own choices regarding medical aid, pension funds, etc. In addition, valuable resources are often wasted in administering these structures. Therefore, rather remunerate people on a cost to company basis and allow them to choose and manage their own benefits.

Create Human Energy by ongoing, well-managed, fair and transparent motivation programmes

Successful companies consistently pay attention to their people through employee engagement and proactively demonstrate sensitivity towards the things they get right. This leads to freeing energy and innovation within employees. Besides, motivation programmes should not consist of occasional break-aways and team building sessions. Work must be fun, every day. Employees must see and feel that the company appreciates them and invests in them. Therefore, business leaders must ensure that their companies have ongoing employee motivation programmes in place, and that they actively recognize the daily contributions made by employees.

Create Human Energy by including all employees

Wherever practically possible, include staff on all levels of participation, including EXCO, management, projects, and other meetings. Moreover, empower people by vesting the authority in the hands of the person closest to the problem that needs to be solved. Furthermore, delegate responsibility and accountability. Allow employees to make mistakes and to learn from them. Besides, the more you include and empower people working directly with detailed activities that solve problems and deliver practical outcomes, the greater the level of proactive energy the employees will experience.

Create Human Energy by ensuring role clarity

People can only perform and work towards positive results if they know exactly what is expected of them. Therefore, business leaders should set up a detailed performance contracts with each employee. This enables employees to understand exactly what is expected of them. Apart from this, any sustained confusion amongst people contributes to energy loss and a sense of insecurity and fear.

Create Human Energy by celebrating success and failure

Energy rich organizations have an ability to share the feeling of being winners with all their employees. The sharing and celebration of business successes as well as failures, in an open and transparent way, makes people feel part of the organization. In addition, it builds passion, enthusiasm, and commitment. Besides, by turning failure into a feeling of winning, employees learn that it is okay to try something new or different. Within these types of environments, Human Energy is created, because people are sufficiently energized to go the extra mile.

Create Human Energy by treating employees as individuals

Each employee is unique. Business leaders need to ensure that they treat each person as an individual, with dignity and respect. The question is whether leaders know their employees as individuals. This can be achieved by effective employee engagement.

By following these tips to create Human Energy, business leaders will leverage the potential in each of their employees, and ensure success, creativity and innovation.

This article is the last in a series on Future HR, and how to move and grow from the traditional concept of HR to successful people management in the future of work.

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