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Future HR: Moving from Human RESOURCES Management to Human ENERGY Management

Human resources management

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Future HR: Moving from Human RESOURCES Management to Human ENERGY Management

To be ready for the future of business, Human Resources Management “will have to rethink what they do and who they are. Besides, fulfilling an administrative function will no longer add value to the future business” – says the writers of Future Business – The Game has Changed, Guy Krige, Lizette Bester, Pieter de Villiers and Chris Laubscher.

Traditional Human Resources Management activities don’t build energy

The traditional HR concepts of

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Performance management and disciplinary interventions
  • Industrial relations and negotiations, and
  • Administration of leave, payroll, training, medical aid, pension fund, new appointments, resignation, etc. …

do not build the energy of people, or focus them on positively contributing to the success and purpose of the company.

These activities consume valuable management time and focus. Therefore, as a business leader, you should consider outsourcing these activities.

Human Resources Management VS Human Energy Management

These are familiar sentences:

Human Resources Management Talk

Human Energy Management Talk

“We’ve processed 100 CVs, interviewed 40 candidates, and shortlisted 9 for the job. Also, we have booked 9 hours of interview time into your diary.” “We have completed a profile of the talent and skills we require against the future view of the business. While we don’t have the right talent and skills currently, we have outsourced the requirements to specialists. They have sent us a list of promising candidates.”

CoLAB Editor’s note: Consider a temp-to-perm solution through CoLAB Talent Placements. See more details below.

“Have you completed all your performance appraisals? Remember the deadline is Thursday. Oh yes, and don’t forget the team building breakaway we have planned.” “Our recent energy audit of your division shows a marked improvement. Moreover, your bottom-line results for the month are also up. Congrats! The new ways of contracting and engaging with people are delivering results. The bottom-line success of the business shows it.”

Transform from HR Management to HE Management

The Human Energy (HE) function of the successful future business will spend all their time and energy on positively managing the people energy against a clear future success profile of the business.

Undoubtedly, current Human Resources management functions will have to dedicate themselves to transforming from HR to HE management.

Take the first step to HE Management in your business

Take the first step towards developing Human Energy in your business, by appointing contract resources, in stead of permanent resources.

CoLAB Talent Placements is a niche execution capacity provider. We provide high-performing contract resources to complement your current workforce. This gives you a flexible workforce to scale with your demand needs.

In addition, the benefits are life-changing for you as a business leader. You get:

  • Off-payroll resources – with flexible execution capacity.
  • A lightened recruitment burden – we take the pile of CVs off your desk, onto ours.
  • Reduced mis-hires – with accurate matching and a possible temp-to-perm journey.

It is our passion to help business leaders (like you!) to grow their companies in a #bestpractical way.

Keen to explore the world of contract resourcing? Or not sure where to start?  Best to book a free 20-minute phone call with Barend Cronjé, CoLAB CEO, and start your journey to the future of your business. Click HERE.

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This article is part of a series on Future HR, and how to move and grow from the traditional concept of HR to successful people management in the future of work. Keep a lookout for more articles coming your way.

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