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“CoLAB Project Implementation (Pty) Ltd (CoLAB) was chosen as EnviroServ Mineral Beneficiation (EMB) Project Management Office (PMO) implementation partner.

Our selection of an implementation partner was based on three main considerations:

  1. People engagement: we sought a partner that had the capability to ensure that our people understood and embraced the changes that were necessary for the success of the PMO implementation.
  2. Technology: Simple, effective and scalable technology platform.
  3. Process: A practical approach that is fit for purpose.

CoLAB exceeded our expectations with regards to all the above considerations. Their team members quickly integrated into our work environment and were effective change leaders. The implementation project was completed on time and within budget. Their success in EMB resulted in them being sought by our sister division to provide support and strategic direction.

EMB continues to reap the benefits of a well implemented PMO. The focus of Project Managers has improved and project management information is accurate, up to date and readily available to EMB Management.”

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