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Creative ways to attract top talent

Creative ways to attract top talent

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Creative ways to attract top talent

The ultimate goal of recruitment is to connect with and attract top talent that fits your company culture.  To attract top talent, companies need to use creative ways in their recruitment efforts.  Top talent are employees that are competent, have character and bring a chemistry with them that will help make the team and the company successful.

Michael Deane from Qeedle recommends these creative ways to attract the cream of the crop:

Flexibility is key to retaining top talent

Most employees prefer a flexible office environment. Consider a hybrid model, in which employees can work from home some days. Make sure candidates know you are all for work-life balance, and that your company will not affect their personal life.  In addition, an open environment office is another great option. This ensures that employees interact with co-workers and encourages those quick 5-minute talks that quickly resolves an issue.  Also consider hot-desking.

Employees are brand ambassadors

Each employee is an ambassador for your company. Guide them to create LinkedIn profiles to attract top talent. Moreover, take time to generate content that describes your company and its’ culture well and encourage employees to share this content.  Also offer referral incentives. You can count on your workers to refer stellar candidates when they are well-motivated. You get quality talent, and they get a couple of extra perks. Something like a few extra vacation days should do the trick.

A diverse working environment attracts top talent

According to a Harvard Business Review, less homogenous work environments make workers more aware of their potential biases. In addition, according to a McKinsey study, businesses are 43% more likely to earn higher profits if they have very diverse boards. When we work with someone who thinks differently, we endeavour to seek better answers.

Although most people use “diversity” as a buzzword, they are not aware of its link to success. When hiring, emphasize the key benefits of a culturally diverse company.

Using social media the right way attracts top talent

The key is to go beyond paid social media ads. Use creative social media techniques. For example, find LinkedIn or Facebook groups that cater to the pros you want. Look for people with the right prior experience on LinkedIn. Use keywords related to the skills needed for the job to search on Instagram and Twitter. Learn where the perfect candidate hangs out on social media.

Previous employees might be top talent

Of all of your previous employees, you likely weren’t happy to see some of them leave. Think about previous employees: who left on good terms?  Who were you sad to see leave your company? Figure out why they left. You’ll have to give them a better offer. However, it can save you lots of training cost and time. But then again, you can rest assured that they truly care about the company if they come back.

Involvement in community work attracts top talent

Identifying with the company’s purpose make people go to work. People like to think they have an impact and most employees want to contribute to a greater good.  Allow employees a certain number of hours to volunteer at a charity or community organization during working time. Let them choose which one. Use the perk as an interview question. You’ll let candidates know you care about their interests and the community.

Proven ways to attract top talent

In a crowded marketplace, creative strategies can help you find the best talent. However, don’t neglect proven ways that attract top talent:  Your employer brand will attract the best candidates if you treat people well. Make sure the policies and benefits fit the talent you need. Show that you are proud of the company you are building.

Attracting top talent contract employees

CoLAB Talent Placements specializes in providing top talent, high-performing people of character and competence on a contract basis, to grow and complement your current workforce. This gives you a flexible workforce to scale with your demand needs.

We help business leaders to:

  • Scale execution capacity with high-performing individuals,
  • So leaders can focus on driving strategic results,
  • Without employing permanent resources.

Our contract resources solution gives you:

  • Flexible, off-payroll resource capacity that matches your need,
  • High-performing people without the HR burden (we remove the pile of CVs from your desk, and recruitment, on-boarding, etc. is our responsibility)
  • Reduced mis-hires through the temp-to-perm journey, and
  • Our high-performing resources hit the ground running.

Talk to CoLAB about your resource needs, especially if you’d like to explore the possibility of using contract resources to grow your workforce. You will love doing business with us!

Set up a 20-minute obligation-free call with Barend HERE.

CoLAB Talent Placements is part of the CoLAB Group.

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