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4 Criteria to hire A-players

4 Criteria to hire A-players

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4 Criteria to hire A-players

How do you as a business leader ensure that you appoint an A-player in each position in your company?  This article introduces 4 criteria to hire A-players.

An A-player is someone in the top 10% of the available talent pool who is willing to accept your specific offer (Bradford D. Smart).

It is important to hire the best A-Player you can find for each position in your company. In doing so, you build an internal momentum and strength that pays dividends for years.

Even though the hiring process is more complicated, the Scaling Up model by Verne Harnish recommends that the appointment of A-players must be based on 4 criteria:

Firstly, A-players have Will

– This is the desire to excel, act with courage, persevere, learn, and innovate.

Secondly, A-players align with the Values

– The test for culture fit – do they align with your core values?

Thirdly, A-players deliver Results

– In the end can they deliver on your KPIs/outcomes?

Fourthly, A-players have Skills

– The least important since most skill-sets need to be updated every 5 years!

If you hire the right people, life is great. If you hire the wrong people with the wrong fit, life is miserable.

Do you fear mis-hires? 

If you fear mis-hires, there are other options. One way to select the right people is to have candidates work with you on a contract basis, before hiring them permanently. This could result in a temp-to-perm placement.

If you don’t want to go through a lengthy and expensive recruitment process, consider appointing contract resources.

CoLAB Talent Placements specializes in providing high-performing contract resources – people of character and competence – to grow and complement your current workforce. This gives you a flexible workforce to scale with your demand needs.

Our contract resources solution gives you:

  • Flexible, off-payroll resource capacity that matches your need,
  • High-performing people without the HR burden (we remove the pile of CVs from your desk, and recruitment, payroll, etc. is our responsibility)
  • Reduced mis-hires through the temp-to-perm journey, and
  • Our high-performing resources hit the ground running.

We help business leaders to:

  • Scale execution capacity with high-performing individuals,
  • So leaders can focus on driving strategic results,
  • Without employing permanent resources.

Talk to CoLAB about your resource needs, especially if you’d like to explore the possibility of using contract resources to grow your workforce. You will love doing business with us!

Set up a 20-minute obligation-free call with CEO, Barend Cronjé HERE.

CoLAB Talent Placements is part of the CoLAB Group.

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